About Us

My name is G Reza Ghahveh Rokhi , owner and photographer at Studio Photo Raphael,
providing professional photography and videography service to my client for more then 30 years .
Our Photo Studio is located at 5215 Sherbrooke Street west in Montreal,Quebec.
Interest in photography began for me since I was a boy, and now lifetime later the passion is even greater.
I know and you know photographs have unique ability to evoke the emotions and memories that often faded with time,
I like to offer you my expertise to preserved those moments.
All this years in business, I have been tremendously fortunate to do what I like.
I truly enjoy people, and portrait and wedding photography enables me t o connect with people.
I started out shooting with film cameras like Hasslebald, and now I am fully digital.
My goal is to provide you with image that shows true emotion of the moment and memories.
Whether portraits for babies, mothers-to-be, couples, family or your beloved animal friends,
I will help you capture beautiful moments that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.
Life is filled with precious moments, I love to capture them this is one of my greatest passion for life.